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E-Mail 1

{!name}, There's Something you Should Know About Cholesterol
Main Body:
Hello {!name},

Did you know High Cholesterol is the number one cause of death today?
Coronary diseases and strokes are very dangerous, and are initiated by high levels of bad cholesterol in the blood flow.
To make things worse, many times we do not know how to control these levels, which are caused mainly by our unhealthy lifestyle.
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Article 1

Title: Lowering Cholesterol. How low should it be?

Lower your cholesterol levels. Reducing your cholesterol levels. Try to lower bad cholesterol. Raise good cholesterol. This is every piece of advice you have probably heard regarding cholesterol. However, it may confuse you and your objectives.

A recent study has concluded that most adults do not know how to reduce their cholesterol. This study has also proved that most people were under treatment using medicine that contained astatine.

You must be very cautious about the different ways to lower cholesterol, establishing a goal for yourself. You must consult with your doctor, since this will give you a specific objective to reduce your cholesterol. Your objective could be any specific value or reduction percentage during a specific period of time. In any event, having a goal will help you work out your cholesterol issues. Every adult should find a way to reduce their cholesterol levels and have values inferior to 200 mg/ dl.

The standard campaign to achieve this goal is the result of a national survey, which revealed that most people were confused about how to control their cholesterol. An international health researcher expressed that the standard campaign's main goal is to educate people about cholesterol, and help establish goals and plans to reduce it.

The results of the study also strengthened the idea that most people need to know more about cholesterol control. 40% of adults surveyed, wished their doctors spent more time explaining cholesterol, and nearly 80% had concerns regarding their cholesterol levels, since they had no goals whatsoever. More than half (63%), did not know the recommended level of LDL cholesterol. ("bad" cholesterol).

To get further information on cholesterol and how to control its levels without prescriptions or drugs, you can get the e-book:

  “Cholesterol Never Again™” by clicking here [Your Member Link]

Article 2

Title: Aging and cholesterol.

There are many factors that affect your capacity to reduce cholesterol. Not all of them are directly under your control. Age is one of those factors that affect the levels of cholesterol and of which we have no control at all. However, with a healthy diet and regular exercise, even elderly people can reduce cholesterol.

Men and women suffer the increase of cholesterol at different biological periods. Women in general experiment a decrease of cholesterol before reaching menopause. There is an exception that occurs in women with a family history of high cholesterol, and can therefore present high levels of it. As the biological age on women increases, so does their cholesterol. Then, at the age of 60, most women have similar levels of cholesterol to those of their male counterparts. Finally, women between 65 and 70 years old have generally lower cholesterol levels that men the same age.

The GH growth hormone is released by the pituitary gland, even on adults who are done growing. A short burst of about 20 seconds is released every night, while we sleep. As we get older, the amount of GH decreases, and this has an impact on our levels of cholesterol. The GH can reduce an amount of low density lipoproteins (LDL) or bad cholesterol. With a lower amount of the growth hormone on our bodies, the levels of cholesterol tend to increase along with age.

You can combat the effects of aging by eating healthy and making regular exercise. These habits are especially important when it comes to maintaining your vitality and to keep your cholesterol levels as low as possible. If you are concerned about your cholesterol, it is important to have a diet both low on fat and cholesterol.

You can lower your cholesterol without using prescriptions and revert the impact of aging on cholesterol. The proper way to do it is on the e-book: “Cholesterol Never Again™” by Martín Teixido, which you can find here [Your Member Link]

This e-book has a proven method to lower cholesterol naturally through good nutrition and good food planning.
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Article 3

Title: Advice on how to make a diet plan to lower your cholesterol levels.

A big part of what contributes to your good or bad cholesterol levels is your diet. You may think you have to abandon all your favorite food or eat some sort of sawdust that tastes like cereal everyday in order to lower your cholesterol, but this is not true. There are some simple tips for your diet that will be of great help to lower your cholesterol to the recommended levels, even if you have a family history of high cholesterol.

Change those five letters of the word "diet" to a phrase that sounds more positive, such as "food planning". As most people enjoy eating, it is important to make good nutrient choices, and make it a positive overall experience. If you are trying to lower your cholesterol, you need to pick the right food and set your mind to what you could have, instead of focusing on what you cannot.

Many of the nutrients that lower cholesterol are easy to add to a diet plan. For example, try to drink a cup of green tea instead of other beverages in the morning, since green tea is full of flavonoids. This will help the platelets sticking to each other go through without problems. However, avoid tea with milk, because milk sticks to flavonoids and eliminates them. This means you lose the apparent antioxidant benefit. Think you can't have avocado on a healthy diet plan? Think again. Avocados are rich on fat, but this is monounsaturated fat, which is really good for you. This food has no cholesterol at all. Be conscious of the amount of calories, even on low cholesterol food which contain "good" fat. The increase on weight harms the positive results you could obtain from low cholesterol food.

Another big component to add to your diet plan is fiber. Find food with at least 5 grams of fiber per portion, to really see some of the big benefits of lowering your cholesterol.

Learn more about how to adapt your diet with rich, good nutrients for your health by following the natural advice from the book "Cholesterol Never Again™" by clicking this [Your Member Link].

Article 4

Title: The dangerous use of steroid and anabolics.

It is well known that athletes consume steroids and anabolics to increase lean muscle mass and to obtain a better overall performance. However, what they do not know, is that their levels of cholesterol reach a dangerous point in which the levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) increase and the levels of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) decrease.

A study was conducted to investigate the impact of steroids and anabolics on people with HIV, who came forward and shed some light on this disease. Within 12 weeks of anabolic and steroid usage, patients with the disease had their cholesterol levels very high. Steroid use in this case, limited itself to what it intended, which was to increase muscle mass on men who were facing a high death risk, so the impact on cholesterol was much lower compared to the short term benefit steroids provide. However, for body builders and other people seeking a "fountain of youth", steroid use implies other kind of risk and deadly hazard.

The investigation was carried out at the VA Medical Center in San Francisco, under the direction of Dr. Carl Grunfeld MD, chief of the metabolism and endocrinology section of the hospital. The complete results were published in the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Journal, issue of march 2006. They posed that there was clear evidence proving that the use of steroids during a 12 week period, produced the decrease of HDL cholesterol, along with a big increase of LDL cholesterol, magnifying the risk of experimenting a coronary disease by 58%. These results were obtained from the higher doses of steroids, necessary to obtain an impact on muscle mass. Besides, in this group, smokers and people with high blood pressure presented an even greater risk.

Medicine and therapy with steroids, even limited to a short period of time, can negatively affect the levels of cholesterol, and increase the risk of suffering from heart disease. Interactions with steroids can increase these risks even further as well as impact on other life choices, as seen in the investigation carried out by the VA Medical Center.

To get further information on how to control your cholesterol levels without medication and drug prescriptions, and in a completely natural way, obtain the e-book "Cholesterol Never Again™" by Martín Teixido.

Learn more  by clicking here [Your Member Link]

Article 5

Title: Cholesterol Education
Large amounts of money are spent on reducing cholesterol.

In the last 10 years, the amount of money spent on investigations to help people combat cholesterol was increased by 350%. With this rise, it is clear that there are more people who need to reduce their cholesterol, and pharmaceutical companies have to spend more to manufacture their medications. The same happens with researchers in an effort to combat serious heart disease. This number includes the investigation on all categories of hyperlipidemia, including high cholesterol and other conditions related to fats.

Medicare beneficiaries represented a 250% increase in the use of astatine to reduce cholesterol between 1996 and 2003. Astatine drugs, such as Lipitor and Zocor are the best sellers when it comes to cholesterol reduction. The issue with most drugs is that hey can produce some serious side effects, from light nausea to muscle pain and kidney failure. Still in 2003, astatine represented 90% of the total of sales of medicine used to treat high cholesterol.

Aiming to reduce cholesterol effectively, most drugs limit their effects to the cholesterol production inside the body. Others are designed to impact cholesterol both absorbed from food and produced by the liver, with the objective of reducing cholesterol in general. To control cholesterol efficiently, it is important to not only focus on LDL cholesterol reduction, but also on the increase of HDL cholesterol. The link between these numbers will have a bigger impact on your effort to reduce overall cholesterol.

There are natural alternatives to reduce cholesterol, which are even more effective than what you might think. A low fat and cholesterol diet, along with the use of certain supplements, can create the same reactions in our bodies that chemical medicine, without the side effects.

To get more information on how to reduce cholesterol naturally, get the e-book  “Cholesterol Never Again™” by Martín Teixido by clicking  [Your Member Link].

Article 6

Title: Your genetics could be sabotaging your efforts to lower cholesterol.

What should you be eating to have a low fat, low cholesterol diet? You may be exercising regularly and keeping your weight under control but still, you cannot reduce your cholesterol.

Your body may be pre-programmed with a certain level of cholesterol, and therefore no matter the effort you make, it could be very difficult to lower your cholesterol. There is significant evidence which suggests that high cholesterol levels may be due to a hereditary factor. This group of people, predisposed to high cholesterol, must do extra work to reduce their cholesterol levels and achieve an optimal level.

Studies carried out by the Berkeley National Lawrence Laboratory in California, which compared the levels of cholesterol on twin males, proved that both had the same genetic composition. In the study, twenty-eight pairs of twins were analyzed. One of the twins was given a low fat and cholesterol diet, and the other was allowed to eat whatever he wanted. One of them therefore, followed a strict program, while the other one followed none and made no exercise whatsoever. The study proved that the twins with the better food plan, presented lower cholesterol levels. However the values were not remarkably low, due to the genetic component which produced an increase of cholesterol in the blood.

Even drugs with astatine such as Lipitor or Zocor, along with their side effects, can sometimes reduce LDL cholesterol, but they not always work as intended, as some individuals are genetically programmed to have higher cholesterol level than other people lacking this genetic component. Therefore these results are paving the way for drug manufacturers to produce a medicine which combats this sort of genetic inconvenience.

The most efficient way to prevent coronary disease and decrease cholesterol is through a diet rich in green leaf vegetables, cereals and specific nutrients to reduce cholesterol.

This proven method to reduce cholesterol naturally through a healthy food plan is called "Cholesterol Never Again™" and you can learn more about it by clicking [Your Member Link].


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